CW Morgan

Vineyard Time


This watch comes in two different sizes. A 44mm and a 36mm which changes the movements from a 21 jewel fully-automatic movement with a 42 hour power reserve, to a quartz movement respectively. The case is made from 316 Stainless Steel which is the perfect balance between aesthetics and anti-magnetic properties.

  • Vineyard Time: Each watch is hand assembled on Martha's Vineyard.  
  • Hand scrimshawed by our own local artist.
  • Dials are available in Antique Ivory or Eco-Ivory. All of our antique Ivory is reclaimed/recycled from antique pieces. Our Eco-Ivory is our own proprietary blend of green renewable products designed to create an Ivory alternative that looks, feels and engraves like genuine Ivory.
  • Straps are available in Rolls Royce Leather (the same leather used to make the automobile seats) or in genuine alligator. Both varieties are hand made in the United States.
  • The C.W. Morgan is the last existing squared rigged whaling ship!

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