Lightship Purse (THE CLASSIC 7)

Vineyard Time


Our hand made Lightship Purses are each individually hand crafted from the finest reed staves and rims, featuring exotic wood top and bottom base. The Classic 7 is our smallest Classic at 7 inches in diameter. The purse is secured with a hand carved antique ivory closure and sits upon antique ivory feet.The beautifully carved Oak handle pivots on hand carved antique ivory knobs and washers. The handle gently moves with the natural motion of the wearer for a comfortable and stylish accessory to be dressed up or down for every occasion.

These limited production purses are subject to inventory availability and back-orders and may take between 8-10 weeks to deliver. For lead on your order, please inquire

Please select type of wood for top, Ivory topper and Quarterboard from the drop down menus. If you would prefer a Mammoth Ivory topper or Quarterboard, please select none and add the topper to your cart separately. All toppers and Quarterboards in the dropdown menu are hand carved from Antique Ivory. Additional topper designs and custom orders are available. Please inquire.

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